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What Is Opengram?

Opengram is a framework for creating Telegram bots based on Telegraf 3.38

Check out the Introduction if you’re new to writing Telegram bots, especially if you have little coding experience.

If you know how to write an application for Node.js or have already created a Telegram bot with another bot framework, get up and running in minutes with our Getting Started guide.

About the Documentation


  • High-level, interactive docs, live examples (this website)

    Explains how bots work and how to use Opengram. This is what you will use most often.

  • Low-level Opengram API reference

    Automatically generated from Opengram code and contains all the useful tooltip explanations, normally found by hovering your cursor over any method of Opengram in a code editor.

  • Raw HTTP API reference by Telegram

    Provided by Telegram and lists the raw definitions of the HTTP API. The opengram API reference links to it wherever that makes sense. Have a look at it when you are interested in the detailed options that you can pass to API calls.